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Chrissy Sidler

There are two kinds of people in this world, those who talk about doing and those that do. Allie and Adele Lee are definitely those who do. While working with a different rescue organization, I came across a five-year old, untrained, very aggressive male American Bull Dog. I stumbled across Greenbelt Dog Training and received help immediately before I could plan on someone adopting him. After watching Allie in the classes and listening to him speak, and even during the many phone calls to check up on us, our dog improved.

Our dog finally began to adjust to his new life style and graduated at the top of our class with the highest score on the test, a 97%. Thanks to Allie and Adele of Greenbelt Dog Training.

Joni Marginot, volunteer
Fosters dogs and schedules adoptions for a local rescue organization

My 8 month old boxer puppy completed Basic Obedience Class with Greenbelt Dog Training. I was very impressed with Allie Lee's training methods. He uses positive training techniques such as a gentle correction, kind voice and soft touch. Allie took time to answer all of my questions and to help me work through behavioral problems with my puppy. In fact, he paid attention to each dog's and each handler's specific training needs. He clearly enjoys what he does and demonstrates, both verbally and physically, how to approach different obedience problems.

The difference in our dog's (and our own) behavior from the first class to the last was remarkable. I highly recommend Allie Lee and Greenbelt Dog training.

Note: Several of my associates and many of our volunteers that foster dogs for adoption have been training with Allie Lee.

Cindy Vernasco, President

Our Animal Rescue Organization is based out of Silver Spring/Rockville MD. We help many abused and homeless animals, with our rescue network; program. In a nut-shell, we take in many dogs from local shelters including MONTGOMERY COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY in Rockville MD, bring them into our rescue program, take care of their emotional, physical and veterinary needs and place these dogs into our foster program; where they await their "forever" home.

In our adoption contract, when these once homeless dogs are adopted into a "forever" home, it is mandatory that the new families take their new family member into a basic dog obedience training class. Many times these dogs just simply need basic training skills, many have been under socialized, and some need to start from ground zero.

We work closely with training facilities that understand the special needs of rescue dogs to make them great companions. Roxie's Fund has developed a great working relationship with Greenbelt Dog Training, and we refer many, many of our adopters to the Greenbelt Dog Training classes. And, we also follow up on our mandate of obedience training to make sure the new family is in compliance with the adoption contract.

Since we are based in the MONTGOMERY COUNTY, SILVER SPRING, ROCKVILLE area, many of our adopters are also located in this mainstream area as well. A great training venue for these doggie families to attend is greatly needed in our area, and Greenbelt Dog Training comes with great recommendations and has been doing training for 30 years plus.

Any consideration given to this organization in being allowed a venue to expand its training classes is much needed and would benefit the community as a whole. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Risa Lapidow

If you are going to have a large dog, you should have a large, well-trained dog. Every dog owner should take his or her dog to obedience school, and I can think of no one better to help you train your dog than Greenbelt Dog Training.