Annika & Asterix
West Highland White Terriers


Narrative for Annika & Asterix
Owners: Gabriela "Gaby" & Jorge

Annika and Asterix are West Highland White Terriers also known as "Westies". We got Annika from a breeder in Santiago-Chile when she was three months old and became the "princess" of the house. From the very beginning she was very sweet and a fast learner (she was completely house broken in three days!!).

When our studies in Chile were finished, Annika traveled with us to our home country, Ecuador and stayed there for a few months. She enjoyed very much spending time with other dogs and kids in our family. Once again, our studies took us out of our country and we brought Annika with us to the US. She enjoyed so much playing and being around other dogs, that we decided to get another Westie and Asterix came to our lives. We got him from a breeder in Virginia when he was two months old. At the beginning, he was very shy and hardly moved from one place to another. Being with his older sister, made him more confident and lost his fears. He is very energetic and extremely sweet but so active that it sometimes drives Annika crazy. They enjoy very much spending time together and playing with each other.

We decided to enroll both of them in dog training lessons because handling two dogs is not always easy and they are part of our family, so we needed to make sure they will behave like angels no matter what the circumstances are. They were both very successful in their basic training course and it is amazing the change in their behavior. We were so pleased, that we decided to take the intermediate level training too. We do not know yet what our next stop will be in our lives, but we certainly know that wherever we go, they will be there with us.