Robinson, a Shetland Sheepdog

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Robinson is a three year old Shetland Sheepdog. He is a tall, sable colored Sheltie with natural ears and we acquired this intuitive, intelligent dog-child when he was almost five months old. Although, he was not rescued from a rescue organization, we feel we rescued him from a very nice Pet Store where he had been caged from eight weeks of age. Even without early socialization, he captured our hearts right away because of his fun-loving spirit. This breed is so anxious to please. From an early age, he started bringing his empty water dish to us (no training for that) and he loves to be brushed. I am always amazed at his beautiful coat and expressive face.

Typically, Shelties can be a little shy of new people or surroundings. Enter Greenbelt Dog Training. At seven months old, he graduated from Greenbelt’s basic obedience course at the top of his class. By nine months of age, Robinson earned his AKC Canine Good Citizenship Degree and is now a full-fledged Pet Therapy Dog at Children’s Hospital and Villa Rosa Nursing Home. He also participates in special area demos with Greenbelt Dog Training. He happily wags his way along the many parade routes with Greenbelt’s parade drill team, is a member of the Greenbelt Flyers (flyball team) and is into the sport of Musical Freestyle (dog dancing). Although his wonderful temperament is God-given, we credit Greenbelt Dog Training techniques for his achievements in socialization. The opportunities they have provided for him to perform and visit have been nothing short of a blessing. I think Robinson’s favorite activities (next to eating) are flyball and agility, because he is allowed to bark away with excitement. What a personality! He is speedy and animated in his activities, calm and quiet when visiting patients, and adorable when dancing. He is an obedient, well-rounded doggie.

This little bundle of energy has energized our ten year old Shepherd mix, Smokey, and is incredibly loving and friendly with our two yr. old granddaughter, Isabella. Isabella and Robinson take turns executing ‘spins’ for a treat. We cannot wait to see him interact with the newest one-week-old grandbaby.

We are currently working toward Robinson’s first obedience title but most importantly, this wide-eyed, sensitive creature has enriched our lives with fun and laughter and love.