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Greyhound Welfare

Narrative for "Minnie"
As told to Steve, Dale and Scott

Greyhound Welfare -

My name is "Minnie." I used to race other greyhounds, but I fell and hurt my neck during a race, so now I'm retired. Now, instead of being surrounded by a bunch of other greyhounds, I live with my new 2-legged family. They adopted me when I was 2.5 and it was a little scary. The house was full of a lot of new smells. Sometimes, while I was exploring my new home (like the countertops and the furniture), my new family would tell me, "NO!" I learned the floor was my domain. That was okay because there was a nice comfy bed and lots of soft toys!

My family took me to basic obedience class at Greenbelt Dog Training. I learned to obey there although I think I got better at obeying by practicing at home. I had a hard time learning to sit, but now I'll sit for food or toys. One day, for no apparent reason, my family left me. Just as suddenly, they came back. I was so excited I started to run around the backyard, but I slipped and broke my leg.I spent the entire summer in either a splint or cast. It was like torture. I couldn't run and I couldn't walk very far -- plus, I had to visit the animal hospital a lot!

Finally my cast came off, but I didn't want to walk on any hard surfaces because the pads of my foot hurt. One day my family took me to Allen Pond and I was so excited I forgot about my pain and I walked all the way around the pond. After that my foot didn't hurt as much and I started going on longer walks with my family.

Just as I was settling back into life with the use of all four legs, I got a new job as a therapy dog with Pets on Wheels. I used to think racing was exciting, but this new job is even better. I get to visit people and they pet me and talk to me (and I get to clean the floors). At first most people were afraid of me, but now most of the people look forward to my coming. On the days I get to go to visit the nursing home, I get so excited I have to bark at my family to make sure they know I'm ready to go!

I like retired life and my new family. They may not look like me, but I have plenty of food, toys and walks and they take me to exciting new places!