AKC Name: Showtime’s One Wild Card


"Joker" is a three year old, MALTESE, and "loaded with energy." He is a lap dog most of the time, but is not a "sissy dog" because he loves to run through the ivy in the woods and explore new things. In fact, we believe that he thinks he must be a big German Shepherd Dog or a big Rottweiler because he is not afraid of anything. He loves sleeping on the bed and couches with his new family, but is very quick to assume his role as protector and gives warnings if things are happening outside the home.

When "Joker" was one year old, he was up for adoption because the breeder had died suddenly and homes had to be found for all of the dogs. We took "the active one" that picked us. Even though he was not familiar with the outdoors or obedience training, he did prove to be a very fast learner.

Much to our surprise, "Joker" has become a very special therapy dog. We cannot take credit for it -- it is just his very special personality that is built within him. He loves all children and people who want to touch him or just look at him. The way he runs around the house at 100 miles an hour, we never thought he would have the special qualities to be a therapy dog. We discovered that at times he is a "gentle and calm dog." This statement was made by one of the evaluators for the P.G. County Pets On Wheels Program.

"Joker" not only visits the patients at Hospital for Sick Children on Thursday mornings but also has participated in demos and shows at nursing homes and schools for special children. He and a few other therapy dogs are in a "Pet Visitation Program" that visits the playrooms at Children's Hospital. Recently, he was invited into the hospital room of two young boys who were not able to see the dogs doing their tricks in the playrooms. Even during their weak state, "Joker" was able to make them smile as they looked at him and touched his very soft coat of hair.

Yes, we brag about him and are so pleased that he allows us to share him with so many others. We absolutely enjoy him and just continue to be amazed by all that he does.