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Old Dominion Boston Terrier Rescue

Narrative for JoJo
Old Dominion Boston Terrier Rescue

Owners: Michele & Morgan

We adopted JoJo on April 8, 2005 from the Old Dominion Boston Terrier Rescue. His previous owner had left him outside all of the time (a big "no no" for Boston Terriers) and he had contracted a bladder infection from eating mud to get to water. His owner finally relinquished JoJo when he was no longer able to "care" for him.

The Old Dominion Boston Terrier Rescue organization took him in and he was back on his feet in no time. When we contacted them looking for a dog, they knew exactly which one was for us. When we went to pick him up, we were very surprise that someone had given up this wonderful dog! He is the smartest, most loving little guy ever and we couldn't have asked for a better dog. He became an instant member of our family (even the cat is coming around).

JoJo completed his Basic Obedience Course and we hope to enroll him in the Intermediate Course. Since he loves to play fetch all day long, we hope to enroll him in the Flyball Team once he finishes his Intermediate Obedience Classes.

The woman who runs the Rescue for Boston Terriers couldn't believe how well he did in the obedience course. She said that the typical Boston is very stubborn and although very smart, their willful demeanors are often very frustrating to their trainers.

Yes, he keeps us on our toes, but we couldn't imagine our home without him.