Owners Training Their Dogs


Recommended Equipment:

Handlers in the basic classes are required to have a 6 ft leash. This should be leather, cotton, or soft nylon. Slender leashes are generally more comfortable to the hand than thick wide leashes. Chain leashes are unsatisfactory for three reasons: 1) They are too heavy. 2) They are slack and do not allow for precise control. 3) They tear the hand when the dog pulls. Retractable leashes are too cumbersome and do not allow for precise control.

Collars are not the primary source to training a dog but are used as training aids. Many different collars can be used: it depends on the personality of the dog and if there are any specific behavior problems. Many dogs start with a certain collar and then may have to change for one reason or another. What works for one dog may not work for another. All dogs need some type of collar to maintain control and also for the safety of the dog.

We do not want people to use any type of training collar until they come to class and the decision is made with both handler and the instructor to determine what is best for the dog.

In the first five minutes of the first Basic class, the handlers are taught how to control their dog on a loose lead and collar.

In addition, handlers in the intermediate classes need a fifteen foot leash and a shoe string or a "tab" leash as well as a retrieving article of some sort. This can be a wooden or plastic dumb bell, a tennis ball, or anything that your dog likes to retrieve.

Allie Lee encourages dog owners to carry all of their dog equipment in a sturdy bag. Keep plastic bags and paper towels in your bag and be ready to clean up after your dog at all times.